hot but not boiling (blindsay) wrote in insufficient,
hot but not boiling

Any of yall folks know anything about makin' movies? is a contest brought to you by your friends at

They're asking people to come up with 30 second ads geared toward educating the masses about Bush's shortcomings. The commercials will be prioritized by members through use of a forum, and then voted on by a bunch of *celebrity judges* including Jack Black, James Carville, Janeane Garofolo, Michael Moore, Michael Stipe, Gus Van Sant and Katrina Huevel (editor of The Nation) The winner's ad will be run in key states before the 2004 election nonsense officially begins.

If you love Bush, or don't care about this contest, please disregard this post. I just thought it might be relevant to someone in this community.

If you are interested, go to for rules and entry details.
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