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call for submissions!
anouncing a non-profit anthology of poetry/prose/artwork slated for mid-january publication.

moth in a bottle is expected to be at least twenty-five pages long and will be sold for charity. please see [m] press for details. if you do nothing else for charity this season, do this.

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i'm just wondering if anyone would be intereted in designing an ad for an upcoming low key film festival. rewards to be negotiated we just wanta fresh new ad designs, proceeds go to charity. please reply back if you're interested
Are you gonna eat that?!

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Hi everyone,

I'm new here and I thought I'd introduce myself! I'm 16 years old, I live in the UK, I'm currently studying art at college and I'm trying to get a job in my local Funeral Home as well as a ton of other places including the hospital!
I only got very into my art these past couple of years and the main reason I left school this year was because me and my art teacher didn't get on too well, I didn't 'get' his way of teaching, thought I'd get better somewhere else so I left!
To have a look at my art, I'd say the best place to have a look is my artwanted gallery!
Thanks for reading!
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Any of yall folks know anything about makin' movies? is a contest brought to you by your friends at

They're asking people to come up with 30 second ads geared toward educating the masses about Bush's shortcomings. The commercials will be prioritized by members through use of a forum, and then voted on by a bunch of *celebrity judges* including Jack Black, James Carville, Janeane Garofolo, Michael Moore, Michael Stipe, Gus Van Sant and Katrina Huevel (editor of The Nation) The winner's ad will be run in key states before the 2004 election nonsense officially begins.

If you love Bush, or don't care about this contest, please disregard this post. I just thought it might be relevant to someone in this community.

If you are interested, go to for rules and entry details.